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Review about ads on header of the post

Here are some points to be noted to get more CTR (click through rate).First ,I shall complain about some blogs. In some blogs or websites you can see ads at the top banner and blogs show ads on starting every post.That is a way followed by some bloggers because they think they can receive high CTR .The main task is not to receive clicks from your visitors but,the content should reach your visitor .When you place the ad in the starting of the post .The reader will be attracted on that ad and may

Speed of registration

Speed of registration

There are several ad services and ad networks specified in this blog .In the advertising world the term registration is very popular.If you want to display ads on your site you can register at any ad network as a publisher .If you want to display ads of your site in other site you can register as advertiser.Now that's the point . There are two types is registration

  • Speed registration

Netklix -Countries


I have Explained about the Netklix ad service before few weeks ago in four posts .In Netklix there is a small problem which is faced by publishers (web masters ,bloggers).Netklix only allow publishers from following countries.
The details are given like this Country(Langua



Admaya publisher account for webmasters.
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Create stylish and modern ad display units matching your website or blog design.
Display ads related to contents o


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Text link ads

Text link ads

Make money from simple text link ads on your website!

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Netlix -Getting Paid

Helping Publishers keep more Advertising Revenue

The Netklix ad server continually monitors the performance of each PPC Advert. We always serve the highest paid PPC Adverts into each PPC AdSpace unit on your Site or Blog.

Revenue Share similar to Affiliate Marketing

Every time a PPC Advert is clicked within one of your PPC AdSpaces, you will receive a percentage share of the amount the online Advertiser is charged for the Click.
You may be familiar with Affiliate Marketing and the Netklix Text PPC Advert revenue share solution is similar in many ways. One of the key be

Netklix -Channels

Content Channel Targeting

Netklix offers a solution to Publishers and bloggers looking to begin earning or improve the revenue they earn from their Site/Blog. Smaller Sites that have r